Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Internet offers hundreds of websites that offer free downloadable games for your PC. Some shareware sites let you download free full versions of games for PC, with certain limitations. Most "free" PC download games are shareware (or copyrighted software) that is available on a trial basis. Shareware is software distributed on a trial basis across the Internet like eldermark senior housing software . However, most companies that offer shareware make you pay a fee for continued use, technical support, and documentation. As with most software programs, you pay for a license to use the software.
What is Open Source Software?
Open source software is available to the public, and allows anyone to copy, modify and redistribute the software source code without paying royalties or fees. Although the software is basically free to the public, many users still assume that they can modify open source software, and then redistribute it for commercial use. Open source software isn't really intended for modification and redistribution. The software doesn't necessarily give users the freedom to redistribute it. Apparently the software licenses are distributed amongst a group of users (including individual programmers and companies). Please keep in mind that much of this software doesn't give you the freedom to make changes, and then redistribute it for commercial purposes.
Open source code evolves through a community of individual programmers and software companies. Large software companies like Linux, Eclipse, Apache, and Mozilla develop open source code. A few examples of open-source video games are Call to Power, Beyond the Titanic, and Bitfighter.
Subscription Based Online Gaming
Free downloadable PC games attract general users, while subscription-based online games appeal to avid game enthusiasts. Manufacturers of online games do their best to appeal to a larger audience of game enthusiasts. Online gamblers typically pay a subscription fee that ranges between $10 and $15 in order to play against other opponents

guitar lessons

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Dear daughter still, firmly wants to learn the violin. After letting her see various classic ableton live from guitar center at the mall the other day, and awed at the few lovely colors she still doesn’t want to enroll in guitar lessons. So there, will most probably get her an affordable violin and enroll her next year at the music learning center nearby. Good luck to us both!

short dresses for summer!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
I love short dresses! though I'm pretty sure that nine out ten women loves wearing one. That is why, it has been in the fashion scene forever! It has never leave the scene when it comes to chic fashion style. Basically, the short styles stay while the cuts and designs are the ones being reinvented to fit the fad of the clothing season. Just like now, vintage and classic cuts are back, stripes and floral flowy dresses are the ones conquering the fashion world for the chic fashionistas. Necklines that used to be so 'in' in the 60's and 70's are hitting like waves now, Marilyn Monroe kind of thing indeed.
Sexy and hot Short Dresses are the staple thing on most women closets especially now, summer is here thus making it the most in demand outfit a dainty girl strut during the heat season. The way it freely flows and the light fabric makes it the most picked out item off the rack on every clothing store! And the fact that it's easy to mix and match with shoes and bags makes it really fab to wear on every occasions, day or night! Plus, if you'd ask me, wearing short dresses is the easiest thing on earth, a one piece dress is heaven sent! no need to wonder on how to wear and the hassle of tucking in or out is out of the story. And it's really girly! can make you feel 100% dainty and prim looking in an instant! Just pair up with the right accessories and you're good to go!
Anyways, I found this really great site that sells out fashion dresses that can make every girl goes gaga! the styles are to die for, I must admit! In fact, I have chosen some styles that I might snag in a few... 

glasses vs contacts

wearing my eyeglasses is not a usual thing for me, though I sometimes not feel comfortable wearing it, I must admit that there are times that I need to wear contacts or sometimes wonder where can I buy cheap half rim frames. Especially during some special occasions like weddings and formal events where eyeglasses doesn’t seem to complement my dress to wear. Wearing a formal gown and having eyeglasses don’t make a good combination right?! The only problem I encounter with wearing contacts is the drying up of my eyes, it starts to get itchy and all after putting it on for a few minutes. So I always make sure to bring an eye dropper to keep it off from drying. But doing so has prevented me to enjoy as I have to excuse myself to go to the rest room every now and then to do the drop, it's kind of tricky but nevertheless "tiis-ganda".

music school

Wednesday, January 1, 2014
My little girl has been asking us to enroll her in one of those music school she saw at the mall. We might inquire soon, after she has decided on which instrument to try first since she is still quite confused on what to learn first. Before she used to nag us about drums, but lately she keeps on talking about violin and those yamaha drums that goes pretty cool with Warwick Bass! Let’s see which she’ll finally decide on, maybe this save on harmonica buy at Musicians Friend too!

thank you dainty ashley!

thank you Dainty Ashley for your awesome gifts to my daughter :)


Thursday, December 19, 2013
our event today is one of a kind as we are about to shoot a music recording party of the celebrant, instead of having a traditional kiddie party, the celebrant requested for a music studio slot wherein she and her friends can sing, dance and do the jive of their favorite songs and record it for them to keep! Pretty neat huh? and really makes us all excited! For sure, there will be lots of awesome musical instruments such as fender custom shop bass at Guitar Center and the likes!

mixed up

Friday, December 6, 2013
One of my husband’s friend is into music mixing, something that is very rare to  us here in the PI. But since he lives in the States for a long time, thus explains his hobby of creating good music mixes. Anyways, just the other day when we he was here at our house he asked if he can go online to check this bidding site he placed bids on lee oskar harmonica and guess what? he won the bid!!! Just like that, he now owns another awesome mixing gadget for his hobby!

wood works

Saturday, November 30, 2013
One of the items we need right now for our house is a bigger closet for our clothes. Currently we have plastic storage cabinets for our clothes and other items. These plastic containers are only temporary until we can get a proper closet. Our bedroom is small so we don't want something that takes up a lot of space. I wonder how much will it costs us for a nice and neat closet cabinet. I know it will take some time to find just the right one. Anyways, I am going to look online as I know it is possible to find woodworking website, as a friend suggested a website for us to check out. It is She said their products are good quality and the ready to assemble or cabinets are more affordable just because you do some of the assembly and also because these items lie flat and are easier to ship. What a great idea, a place where you can Buy cabinets online! The best part is these are good quality cabinets that exceed most industry standards. They are all wood, quality maple cabinets that come in many attractive finishes. Its always great to get a bargain, but a bargain isn't a bargain if the product you are buying is inferior. But no worries about that here, we will be getting quality RTA cabinets for 30 to 50% lower than we would pay locally. If only this company made cabinets for closets, our problem would be solved.

party time

party in 30minutes! #bianca7jacob1 #ksnaps #ksnapsproductions #samedayeditvideo #onsite #birthday #kids
One of the biggest venue we ever shoot, and boy, the birthday family was able to pull off a very good party! Everyone had a great time! just look at the details!